Sanitizer Fogging Machine

Sanitizer Fogging Machine Price: We don’t even have to start a discussion on why a sanitizer fogging machines are much need of today. This was kind of inevitable! Ever since COVID entered our lives distrupting the way of our living by impacting us in one or the other way has brought many changes in our lifestyle. Sanitizer fogging machine is one of the result of that. 

From stepping outside to coming back to home we have to carry a few mandatory things with us all the time. Masks, sanitizers and many more products that are related to COVID 19 are must for one who wants to stay safe during this pandemic.

If not 100%, we have to give our best to defend this contagious virus as we all are exposed to it in one way or the other. But though there’s no 100% safety in this still adding a sanitizer fogging machine to our list doubles the shield of defence againts virus and many other pollutants that are there. The machine helps in purifing the air by injecting disinfectent thereby reducing the chance of getting infected.

For you to find a good sanitizer fogging machine you may have to go through mulitple stores that sells the product. But if you refer to the list created below already then you just simply have to find and compare the best available. Simply go through the list below and choose the one that suits your need.  

Sanitizer Fogging Machine Price List

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Happy2Buy Disinfectant Sprays (NANO SPRAY GUNS)
Rs. 4,099
in stock
Happy2Buy Disinfection Fog Spray Machine |Nano Spray Gun
Usually Delivered within 7 days.
Portable Sanitizing Fogging Machine breaks down disinfectant liquid into very fine particles which remain suspended in the air for long time to increase in contact time of disinfectant. Ideal for removing 99.99% germs to decontaminate car, homes & offices. Whether for home use, hotels, airports,...
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Rs. 7,550 Rs. 10,999
in stock
Trusha Hastkala ORCFM01 Portable Sanitizing Fogging Machine Air Purification Atomic...
Fir High Density Smoke Make solution of 30% glycerol. The remaining 70% is made up with the alcohol disinfectant
for medium density make a solution of 20% glycerol. The remaining 80% is made up with alcohol disinfectant
For Low Density smoke make a solution of 15% glycerol. the remaining 85% is...
Rs. 4,610 Rs. 9,999
out of stock
Nano Disinfectant Sanitize Fogging Machine For Home, Office, Car and...
Rs. 249 Rs. 999 1 new from Rs. 249
out of stock
Nano Spray Mist 2 in 1 Mist Spray Nozzle Fogging...

Price History for Sonata Gold Refillable & Rechargeable Sanitizer Sprayer Machine for Currency, Car, Home, Office,...

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