Believe Us! You Can Literally Hide Under This Pizza

When we said you can literally hide in the pizza we really meant it. For all the pizza lovers this one is definitely for you to buy. Pizza blankets may not be that cheesy but are literally the coziest soft blankets that you can buy for winters. To our surprise, we didn’t only found the pizza blankets for you we found wraps and burrito blankets as well. These blankets are soft, warm, and environmentally friendly.

Apart from the ones listed below we found out that your favorite Pizza hut has also launched its latest most expensive pizza ever. It will cost you $150 and you can wrap it around yourself.  This pepperoni-designed pizza blanket is launched in collaboration with Gravity blankets. Approximately 15 pounds in weight and 72 inches wide this pepperoni pizza hut blanket is good to keep you warm and cozy during winters. 

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Pizza hut latest launch of pizza blanket turns out their most expensive pizza that you can surprisingly sleep with tonight. 

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