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People who face the problem of hair fall will often have this fear of losing all of their hair making them bald at the early age of life. If it happens with your age you can still accept it as a consequence of growing age. But for many hair fall starts at an early age when they are young and often leads to baldness especially if not controlled on time. While you get so many options to fix this, still it is not guaranteed that you will ever get your hair back. Once they are gone, its a 90% chance that you won’t be having them back again. Then what’s the solution do we have here? Hair weaving or buying a nice original hair wig?

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As an alternative hair weaving is one option to go with. Though it’s a complex process and requires a medical procedure to make it happen, surely it may not be the obvious choice for many. Not everyone can afford to have a good quality hair weaving neither everyone would like to go through the medical procedure involved. That’s why the only pain free quick solution would be to go after a original hair wig. Various different styles, different shades are available online for both men and women. All you have to do is order the one you like and create a look of your choice whenever you want however you want. No cuts, no hair weaving, no needles, just simply put on the wig and you are good to go. 

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But where do you find them?

It’s not like the old times where you have to reach out to a barber near your home in order to help you find a good wig for you. Ordering a wig for yourself is just a few clicks away. You just need the list of right options to choose from and you are good to go. To simplify this search for you we have curated a list of best-selling original hair wigs available at different beauty stores online. We have divided the list for men and women. Hope it helps you get your look back!

Original Hair Wig Price List

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For Men

Rs. 496 Rs. 1,099 1 new from Rs. 496
in stock
VIEWS Full Head Men Hair Wig Easy to Use and...
Rs. 499 Rs. 1,099 1 new from Rs. 499
in stock
VIEWS Wigs For Men, Synthetics Hair Wigs For Men And...
Rs. 870 Rs. 1,099 1 new from Rs. 870
in stock
Wizme Synthetic Hair Wig For Men And Boys (Dark Brown)...
Rs. 936 Rs. 1,199 1 new from Rs. 936
in stock
Pelo Hair Wig For Men Brown
Rs. 1,049 Rs. 6,000 5 new from Rs. 1,045
in stock
Amybria Men's Short Straight Hair Wig/Wigs Cosplay (Black)
Rs. 14,200 Rs. 18,000 1 new from Rs. 14,200
in stock
Thrift Bazaar Fine Mono Mens Toupee Remy Human Hair System...
Rs. 14,200 Rs. 18,000 1 new from Rs. 14,200
in stock
Thrift Bazaar  Fine Mono Mens Toupee Black Human Hair System...
Rs. 22,200 Rs. 26,999 1 new from Rs. 22,200
in stock
Thrift Bazaar Swiss Full Lace Men’s Toupee European Real Human...

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