Mi AC Price in India

Ever since Xiaomi has launched its first smart air conditioner in China. Xiaomi fans want to know its price and date of launch in India as well.  If you have the same question in mind then you have landed on the right page!

According to its launch price in China, we are expecting…

MI AC Price in India to be around Rs. 22366 (approx). 

Isn’t it a great deal? Having a smart air conditioner from MI at such an affordable price.

Wait a minute…!

YOU DON’T THINK IT’S AN AFFORDABLE PRICE RANGE…? Well, here’s a secret attached to it!

MI Air conditioner is not just an air conditioner it works as a heater too!

Yes, that’s right! When required you can use this Xiaomi air conditioner as a heater as well. Surprisingly it comes with 900 Watt electric heater that gives Xiaomi customers an ease of not buying a separate appliance for winters.  The same air conditioner can be used as a heater during winters.

Doesn’t it sound like a great deal now? At the cost of one, you get two home appliances! 

Now you don’t need to buy two different appliances for two different seasons. One is enough to serve both. We can expect a price range from 22000/- to 30,000/- based on its features and different models that come to India. To understand a bit more about MI Air conditioner let’s go through all the features that a Xiaomi Smart  Air conditioner offers.

Top Features of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Conditioner

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  1. MI Mijia Air conditioner comes with a 1.5HP DC inverter compressor.
  2. It comes with a serving capacity of 1.5 tons.
  3. It can cool and heat a room holding the same capacity of 1.5 tons for both purposes.
  4. MI AC comes with 6 years warranty.
  5. Pedestal AC model is also expected under the price of a higher segment.
  6. As its a smart air conditioner. It can be controlled from anywhere through your phone app.
  7. You can switch AC on/off, set temperature through MI smart app before you even enter your home.
  8. It will work in sync with Xiaomi’s voice control.

These were some few top features to mention but there will be more to it. As soon as the details you will be the first to know from us.

Wondering about the launch date in India?

It is expected to launch in India soon. Although no specific date has been given out yet. We are expecting it to come out for sale around May 2020. (Please note this is not an official date)

UPDATE – Due to COVID-19 situation around the world. There might be some delay now. But we are keeping a check on it and will update the same here as soon as the launch happens.

Meanwhile… Don’t get disappointed!

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