Crane Laptop Stand Price

Are you looking for a laptop stand that is strong enough to hold enough load on it? Something that has a better grip and flexible angle to adjust? If yes! then its time to shift to a crane laptop stand. Unlike usual laptop stands which doesn’t provide much flexibility in terms of placement and durability to hold anything except a laptop only, these laptop stands have better hold to offer . 


Reason To Buy Crane Laptop Stands

Here’s a list of top five reasons why you should choose a crane laptop stand than a usual laptop stand. 

  1. These laptop stands have telescoping height adjustment for every convenience you need.
  2. As it offers more flexibility to adjust the height, you can easily keep an eye to eye level height which no other laptop stand offers.
  3. In terms of space-saving, you can easily make the adjustment as per your need. Crane stands are not rigid to fit and adjust.
  4. As it is made of steel frame the durable and portable is much more than any other usual laptop stand.
  5.  Flexible and lightweight to carry with you to your workspace or keep it with you during travel.
  6. Crane laptop stands are capable of holding other devices like MIDI, projectors, and other gadget controllers for office use.
Rs. 1,917 Rs. 3,090 1 used from Rs. 15 13 new from Rs. 23
in stock
On-Stage LPT5000 Laptop Computer Stand
Rs. 2,168 Rs. 3,508 1 used from Rs. 14 8 new from Rs. 26
in stock
Odyssey L-Stand S/Stand Alone Table Top L Stand
Rs. 5,992 1 new from Rs. 72
in stock
Gravity DJ Controller, Black (GLTS01B)
Rs. 6,347 Rs. 6,682 12 new from Rs. 69
in stock
Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory (JSLPT400S)
Rs. 7,183 18 new from Rs. 83
in stock
Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand w/Bag
Rs. 11,692 1 new from Rs. 140
in stock
Odyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360)
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