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Starting a Youtube Channel but confused on how to find the best mic for YouTubers? Well, if you are a newbie in making youtube videos and not sure which microphone is the best mic for recording videos then here’s a list for you.

Started in a garage, went live on 14th February 2005, Youtube became one of the most popular websites in the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, around one billion hours of youtube videos are watched every day. “One-billion hours” 😲 Can you believe that?

Not just that, around 1.9 billion users are actively logged in on Youtube every month. And there’s no doubt these numbers will keep growing in coming years. Youtube is not just a platform of entertainment anymore but have become a source of bread and butter for many. Many subscribers have now turned into youtubers who are managing their own channel and making money out of it.

According to Youtube, the number of channels who earn a minimum of six-figure income is growing up by 50% each year.

This clearly shows how good the Youtube business is!

Still, we can’t ignore the fact that the competition is huge and it will take a lot more efforts to make your videos stand out on Youtube. Everything has to be considered now. Every aspect of the video will be judged and marked to win over the competition. This surely means that not just the content has to be good but the quality of content has to be outstanding as well.

The content of your Youtube video is totally your choice but when it comes to finding out the best equipment for recording a youtube video, then you can rely on us. The most common and the basic equipment that is required to build any sort of youtube video is a microphone, a good quality camera (a great quality camera phone will also do in some cases), Lighting equipment (optional), editing software.

Mediocre quality of the video can be accepted by the audience but if the sound quality is bad then people won’t take a second to unlike your video and put a bad comment.

That is something you don’t want especially when you are a beginner on youtube. To make sure that you add great quality of voice, we have created a list of best microphones for recording a youtube video.

Mics are of different quality and can be used for a different purpose. If your content serves different purposes and requires different location and action for the same then you might need more than one type of mic. Usually, youtubers prefers to have 2-3 types of mics which can be used according to the type of recording being done. Let’s understand a bit more about the types of mic that can be used for Youtube recordings.

Types of Mic For Youtube Recording

  1. USB Microphones
  2. Dynamic Microphones
  3. Ribbon Microphones
  4. Condenser Microphones

Best Mic For Youtubers

1. Rode Compact Microphone

This one is a lightweight and compact sized microphone which can be easily plugged in your camera phone or high-quality DSLR camera. The reason we love this microphone is simply because of its compact size in budget-friendly price and still does an amazing job for recording a youtube video. It requires no battery as it is powered when plugged in a camera or phone. If you buy online you will get Rycote Lyre shock mount, along with deluxe flurry windshield.

2. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti is one of the most popular choices amongst Youtubers. It offers a great quality of sound which can be recorded under four different patterns i.e stereo mode, cardioid mode, omnidirectional mode, bidirectional mode. These four modes offer different features under each one which further helps you play around and customize your recording. With Yeti you get much control over your sound recording since it helps you instant customize recording in real-time. You can play around with pattern selection, increase microphone’s sensitivity especially recording in loud surroundings.

3. Blue Snowball

Create an awesome podcast or simply add crystal clear narration to your Youtube clips. You can even record instrumental sounds on this. Snowball comes with the adjustable stand with easy to plugin cord. You need to simply plug in the cord to your laptop or PC and enjoy the clarity of sounds on voice calling apps like Skype, twitch, etc

4. Audio-Technica AT2035

This one has great functionality in picking up natural and low sounds. But completely avoids background sounds which makes it easier to do the recording in a loud environment. With such a large diaphragm and smooth recording capabilities, it gives the best deal at this price. For youtubers who are looking for the best in the budget, this one is totally worth buying for. 

5. Rode Procaster

It gives a low yet balanced impedance output of your recording. Comes with an internal pop filter that reduces the plosives in any sounds recorded. To maintain smooth recording, it comes with an internal shock mount that reduces the handling noises.

6. Rode SmartLav+

This one is the most easy to go microphone. Simply plug into your phone or camera and they are good to go. Fully compatible with IOS and Android devices, it offers a great quality of broadcast sound.

7. Rode VideoMic Pro+

This one comes in the shotgun mic category with tons of features to ease your job while recording.  Some of the nicest features like auto power functionality, digital switching, safety channel, rechargeable battery, etc. Many Youtuber reviewed it as one of the best recording microphones that reduce the overall disturbance delivers a great quality of sound recording. But this one can’t be considered as a budget microphone as the price is quite high as compared to other microphones available in the market.

8. Shure VP83F

It has ten hours of battery life and comes with on mic Micro SD slot that makes it usable even without a camera or phone attached to it. It does a great job with the recording, delivering high-end quality professional sounds. One of the major benefits of having this mic is that it does its job without managing extra cables or cords. Especially if you have a DSLR, this one is a must recommended mic by many Youtubers.

9. Generic Clip-On Lavalier Microphone

This one is quite an affordable option for any Youtuber who wants to start new and enter the world of Youtube business. As a new Youtuber, you may not have many options in terms of budget and running cost. This mic will be a good option for all such youtubers out there who want to start their Youtube channel at a minimum cost.

10. BOYA Shotgun Microphone

This one is a great option if you are doing a recording with DSLR cameras or your mobile phone. Simply plug in and they are good to go. They don’t even require batteries to run, they are powered with connectivity with phone or DSLR itself. It comes with a frequency response of 35-18KHz +/-3dB. It comes with anti-shock mount which removes any sort of extra vibration while recording.

Fits for Smartphone, DSLR Camera Camcorder and Recorder. With 2 Cable, One is TRRS; one is TRS Cable.
No battery Required----Do not need the battery, Just use it directly with your smartphones or DSLR cameras.
Compact and Light Weight----Only 86g/0.19lb, With a Portable Leather Case, you can take it anywhere.
Frequency Response:35-18KHz +/-3dB; Sensitivity:-42dB +/- 1dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz; Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB SPL
Rugged metal construction and anti-shock mount, which can effectively reduce unwanted vibration, cable and handling noise. Also included a furry windproof shield.
Rs. 1,999 Rs. 2,995
BOYA Shotgun Microphone

With thorough research, we came up with the above list of the best mic for YouTubers but in case you think we missed out on any great option here that requires a mention in the above list, please do let us know in the comment box below.  


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