Apple Laptop Models

Apple laptops are well known for their fine speed and impressive performance. Irrespective of what heavy program is being used on it, Apple laptops stand out with their performance over others. Instead of calling them a laptop, Apple laptop models are better known for the term called “Macbooks”.

How do they differ from a windows laptop?

You will not find the usual hard disk that comes in most Windows laptops. Instead, Apple laptops come loaded with the SSD drive which helps them to operate faster with twice the speed in comparison to any other Windows laptop.

These models can be further divided into two main categories that are

  • Apple Macbook Air 
  • Apple Macbook Pro. 

While Apple Macbook air comes with one type of screen size. Apple Macbook Pro can be found in two different sizes of 13 inches and 16 inches each. Pro 13 comes with a battery life of 20 hrs which is astonishing by itself and has been the only Apply laptop to claim this. To know further about their specification and features find a complete list of Apple Laptop Models for 2021.

Apple Laptop Models List 2021

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Price List For Purchase Within India

For international models of Apple laptops (outside India), check out the list on the next page.
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