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When you hear about 6D tempered glass, what is the first thing you think of? The meaning of it, right? What is the meaning of 6D tempered glass? Do we even need a 6D tempered glass? If yes, then which ones are the best to buy?

Meaning of 6D Tempered Glass?

By 6D it simply means that the level of toughness has increased. The hardness of the 6D glass is 9H which is considered to be of a higher grade. They cover the whole screen area of your phone, keeping its edge to edge. Since the hardness is more it tends to have more thickness as well. They are scratch-free and in some cases company claims it to be explosive free as well. Although we are not sure about that at all. But looking at the quality and thickness they offer they are definitely stronger than 5D or any other normal screen guard.

Should you buy a 6D?

When something offers you a better chance of protection against screen damage. Should you buy it? The answer would be obvious yes BUT everyone has their own liking. If you have been used to the normal screen guard touch then at first you might not like the touch experience of it. Another reason could be its thickness on the screen, although it covers the screen edge to edge still if you are not comfortable then you might avoid it. The last reason could be the price. If you have been happy with the quality of normal tempered glass and don’t feel like spending more. Then 6D shouldn’t be your choice.

To help you find the best 6D tempered glasses online, we have created a list of top-selling 6D screen guards that you can buy. Available for each phone we have listed out the best ones on this page.  You can find 6D tempered glass for Redmi Note 5 Pro, iPhone 6, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Poco F1, Oneplus 7, Redmi Note 4,  Samsung A50, Vivo V9, Realme 3 Pro, etc.

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