Zoom Security Issues Bothers You? Here’s What You Can Do

Just when Zoom was about to touch the heights of their popularity, the app made a U-turn by facing a security breach during an online meeting. And now ever since the news went viral, users are finding it hard to trust the app again. Even if you think of an alternate, users are finding it hard to choose between Zoom vs Others? Now, why is that…? Well, although Zoom faced a security breach right now. But before that, it gave them enough reasons to love it in the past.

At the same time, a security breach is not something to look over! Your files, important information, and much other important documentation stay at risk if the company got loose ends over such cyber-attacks.

So what should be done? Should you shift from Zoom and look for an alternate?

Before we decided on that, we must know what others have to offer. Do we even have a similar app that offers similar features and can be trusted at the same time? Many such questions might be bothering you right now.

As an answer, we will start with the one that needs no introduction and can be trusted as well. Also, it just rolled out a feature that is a similar feature to what Zoom has.

The answer would be Microsoft Teams”.

Microsoft Teams can be trusted for its features, interface and security defense against such attacks. There are many more reasons that we are going to discuss on this page. But first!  You will be happy to know that recently Microsoft teams were able to roll out a new background feature that is similar to what Zoom offers. This feature has been loved by many Zoom users in the past. ( In case, you didn’t use this feature in the past or  you aren’t bothered by the Zoom security issues then here’s a video on how you can use it)

But if it does bother you! Should you consider Microsoft teams as an alternative to Zoom? Is it time to shift from Zoom? 

Well, don’t worry!

This post will act as a guide for you to clear out many such doubts you have over Zoom vs Others or Zoom vs Microsoft teams.

But to conclude which and why should be good for you, let’s understand a bit more about what is zoom and how does it work? What kind of security issues did they face recently? And should you really shift from Zoom to another collaboration platform which is better, safe and secure right now?

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Zoom and How Does It Work?
  2. What Kind of Security Issues Zoom Had?
  3. What Is Zoom Team Doing About It?
  4. Should You Look For An Alternative? How About Microsoft Teams? Have You Seen Their New Background Effects Feature
  5. Should You Shift from Zoom to Teams? Here’s What You Can Do…

What is Zoom and How Does it Work?

When you search for video conferencing tools online, Zoom comes out as one of the most popular free video conferencing tool available. It is a cloud-based conferencing tool that serves every need of a business and individuals working remotely through their homes, offices or different places across the world. Different clients across the meeting can log in to share the HD quality video and audio notes for various collaboration needs.

In addition to this, you can find similar features like Skype offers. For example, sending text messages, sharing screens, sending files during the meeting and other basic features of muting the microphone during audio-video conferencing, etc.

Why Do People Prefer Zoom So Much?

Out of many reasons, here’s a list of reasons why is it loved by many and became an instant hit especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Its basic free version is free for all kinds of users. (But it does have some limitations)
  • Over 100 participants can join the meeting while using the free version of zoom. (Again there’s a limit of 40 minutes duration)
  • Unlimited screen sharing and chat during a one-on-one meeting.
  • Features to change your background, create whiteboard are also included in the free version.
  • Available as both IOS and Android app. (Although functioning is slightly different from each other. )
  • For paid version Zoom offers you much more in terms of participants. Up to 500 participants can join (Enterprise version only)
  • Exclusive features like hosting a webinar, unlimited cloud recording, dedicated support are also part of the enterprise plan.
  • Custom ID and limited cloud recording are also available for small teams under the Pro version.
  • The meeting duration goes up to 24hrs while using the Pro version of it.

But despite all the key points mentioned above why did the major influencers and enterprises like Google have banned the use of Zoom on their employee’s computers for any meetings or collaboration in the future?

Why do they think shifting from Zoom is a better idea right now?

Should you also consider it…?

Well, unfortunately, Zoom had security issues and here’s what happened recently.

What Kind Of Security Issues Zoom Had?

Due to COVID-19 situation in the world, Zoom saw an overnight success in their app installation. Across the globe people starting using this free video conferencing app on their laptops, computers and mobile phones. In no time it became a popular app until a security breach raised many questions about their privacy policy and how secure this app works.

Few security issues that were alarmed by various tech officials are:

  • End to end encryption of chat and video conferencing was missing. (This might have been resolved right now).
  • Data was being routed through China and the same was admitted by Zoom’s CEO and founder Eric Yuan. Though the company claimed it was done mistakenly.
  • Now the most recent Zoom bombing made it very clear that the app was not prepared to deal with such issues. Here’s what happened…

Recently in an online meeting, an uninvited hacker breaks into the meeting and disrupts everything by sharing pornographic content.

With so many questions in the queue already this incident went ahead to clear out things for everyone. Their security system had flaws and now the company needs much more work to fix this. Meanwhile, lawsuits have been filed against the company. Many organizations, schools, and enterprises have banned the use of the app after this incident.

What Is Zoom Doing About It?

Interestingly company hasn’t denied anything. They have been impressive in their response and reply. Accepting their mistake, Zoom founder Eric Yuan has apologized to the users and assured that their engineers are now put to work on security and privacy issues with immediate effect on a priority basis. All other developments are sided until they clear out all the security issues that need attention right now.

In addition to this, on April 8th Zoom added a new security feature that allows the host to lock or remove participants immediately in case Zoom bombing or any similar incident happens again. Although this update does not serve as a solution to the security issues it has but the aim is to provide an immediate solution in order to respond quickly if the host feels a security breach has happened. Watch below demo video on how it can be used.   

Should You Look For An Alternative?


How About Microsoft Teams? Have You Seen Their New Background Effects Feature Yet?

Ever since these Zoom security issues came in the limelight many of its users are now looking for alternatives to Zoom. As a collaboration tool, Microsoft Team could serve this need perfectly.


Here’s a list of reasons why the Microsoft team could be a replacement for Zoom (at least for now!).

  1. Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office or Office 365. If your company or you has been using Office for various documentation purposes than you would be happy to know that Microsoft teams work perfectly in sync with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and every other office app.
  2. Just like Zoom or Slack you can chat and do video & audio conferencing with your team members.
  3. You can hold a meeting or presentation with up to 10,000 people.
  4. Sharing files or any sort of documentation becomes easy as everything works perfectly in sync with the official app.
  5. Members can take meeting notes or record a video conference for future references.
  6. Meetings can be scheduled via the team app or even through the Outlook app.
  7. A broader functionality is offered by the team when it comes to collaboration between the team members.
  8. While working remotely you might not be always working within the same country. Especially when you have multiple offices around the globe. Here, Microsoft teams offer an inline message translation feature that allows anyone within your team to translate their message into their preferred language.
  9. Apart from Office 365, Microsoft teams have 70+ integrations that include functionality like surveys, news, weather, etc.
  10. In the competition to Zoom, Microsoft teams rolled out the new background feature that is being loved by Zoom users so far. What it does it that it allows you to replace your background live image with another image or custom image of your choice. However, Microsoft has promised to come up with a custom image as well but for now, you can change the background image just like Zoom.
  11. Raise your hand is another feature that has been rolled out by Microsoft recently. It allows the member to notify that he or she got something to say within the meeting by using the raise hand icon.
  12. Microsoft teams offer AI noise filtration that reduces background noises like bells, horns, running of a vacuum cleaner, etc. The real-time noise suppression will remove the typing sound that may happen while one member is on the call and the other one is typing. (Please note this feature will be coming soon with the new update)

Should You Shift from Zoom to Teams?

Here’s what you can do…

Looking at the way Eric Yuan, the founder of the Zoom app has responded to this and has promised to deliver a fault-free Zoom in terms of security issue raised recently.

We can truly expect a better-upgraded version of Zoom in the coming months. And, we would love to go back to Zoom then but for now until the new version comes up. We think it would be wise to use an alternate, especially if you are using Zoom for official office purposes.

An alternate is needed which can be trusted with their security systems because of the experience they hold in the market. Someone who offers similar functionality in terms of team collaboration, video conferencing, user interface and other features to make a collaboration a friction-free process.

Alternatives To Zoom

  1. Skype (free and paid both)
  2. Google Hangouts Meet (free)
  3. Microsoft Teams (paid)
  4. Zoho Meeting (free and paid both)
  5. Discord (free)
  6. GoTo Meeting (paid)
  7. Cisco Webex Meetings (free and paid both)

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