Need Home Automation System? 15 Smart Home Devices That You Need

When you want to take charge over every appliance in your home, you need to follow some smart ways. Converting your basic home into a smart home will do the trick for you! And for that, you need to install a perfect home automation systems within your home. How to do that…? Well, with the help of this article you will understand how it can be done within your budget without spending a great amount of money on all these fancy home automated systems available in the market. 

With so much technological advancement happening around us, almost everything is turning into a smart gadget these days. It’s not just your smartphone anymore. This smartness is spreading into everything around us. You can now buy smart television, smartwatches, smart bulb, and now smart home automation systems.

To understand a bit more about these automated systems we will go through their definition, benefits, and, above all means to make your home into a smart home without spending a huge amount of money on these automated systems.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the Home Automated System?
  2. Benefits of Using Home Automated System.
  3. How To Make Your Basic Home into Smart Home (without spending much)?

What is Home Automation Systems?

By bringing home automation system into your home. You can convert your basic home devices into smart devices by providing a central control hub that will manage all the appliances (majorly) like lights, switchboards, thermostats, security cameras, home lock security and further to many single devices and appliances like television, lightning sensors, air sensors, music system, ceiling fan, etc.

With the help of the home automation system, almost everything basic can be turned into a smart gadget by providing an automated control system over these appliances. This can be both wired or wireless depending upon the option you choose. By installing these home automated systems you can control the entire home system such as door locks, window locks, lighting ambience, music played, room temperature, etc. just through your smart phone or a tablet.

But how does this benefit you…?

Benefits of Using Home Automated Systems

By installing these automated system within your home, numerous number of benefits can be reaped out. Just to mention few, we have listed out the top five in the list below.

  1. Home automated systems bring efficiency to your power management that further helps in cutting down bills to a great extent. Some of the home automated systems even guide you and sends alert when the consumption goes beyond the set target.
  2. By using home automated devices, your safety is taken care of. These security systems when installed along with a door camera, door locks and other anti-theft sensors you can have a relaxed good night sleep in your bed.
  3. For panic situation, there’s an emergency button provided to help you trigger an emergency message which goes directly to all the predesignated list of contacts.
  4. Brings comfort and convenience to your life. As it simplifies the control over your complete home system through one designated control hub, things can be managed much more easily through your phone even when you are far away from your home town.
  5. Set a different lightning ambiance as per your mood. With just one click of a button, the whole ambiance can be changed through your phone.

Benefits are endless…From the opening of your room curtains, playing your favorite music or setting up an alarm for your morning meetings. Almost everything can be added to these home automated systems and can be controlled in no time. These systems are now work in perfect sync with smart assistants like Alexa and google assistant.

Now the real question is how…?

How To Turn Your Basic Home System Into A Smart Automated Home System?

Especially when you don’t want to spend much!!

Now if you are NOT planning to install these highly expensive home automated systems. You can always shift to a few smart gadgets that adds similar comfort and convenience to your life within a friendly budget to spend. How…?

Well, we have listed out some of the most trending smart gadgets that turn your basic home into a smart home in no time.

List of 15 Home Automation Smart Devices in India

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    1. Smart Switch Board (see price)
    2. Smart Heavy Duty Plug  (see price)
    3. Smart Fan Speed Control and Complete Switch Board (see price)
    4. Smart Remote Control For Tv, AC, DTH, Speakers, etc. (see price)
    5. Smart Door and Window Sensor (see price)
    6. Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock (see price)
    7. Sintex Smart Water Tank Controller (see price)
    8. Smart Door Lock Pro  (see price)
    9. Smart Switch Touch Panel For Blinds, Curtains (see price)
    10. Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensors (see price)
    11. Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb (see price)
    12. Wipro Smart Camera (see price)
    13. Echo Flex– Plug-in Echo for smart home control (see price)
    14. Fire Stick – Convert your Basic Tv into Smart Tv (see price)
    15. Smart IR Control Hub – Control AC, TV, Speakers, etc.(see price)

Smart Home Automation System Price List in India

With best offers on them, buy these latest home automation systems and smart gadgets at the lowest price in India.

Majorly all devices below are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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If you think we missed out on any of the well known smart devices or home automation systems in India. Then do mention in the comment box below.

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