Echo Auto Alexa Is Now Available For Your Car. BUT Do You Really Need it?

“Alexa, could you please drive the car for me (Lol.. nope! that’s not on the feature list yet, we are kidding :D). Echo Auto was launched recently and is now readily available online for sale. BUT before you buy it, there are few things you must know about it and this article is all about that.

Amazon is making sure that he enters your office, your home and now your car! Is it wrong? Does it mean too much of Alexa is entering into everything around us?

Well, we believe the answer is a BIG NO!


Here’s what we think…

We loved Alexa in the past and we love how it helps us, assist us in day to day work and various other activities that we perform. But now we are talking about bringing Alexa in the cars we drive!


Hmmm…it needs a discussion to conclude.

So before we answer that question we might have to understand a bit more about how Echo Auto works and how it can help or assist us while driving?

Let’s start with the list…

Table of Contents

  1. How Do You Install Echo Auto In Your Car?
  2. Do You Need a Wifi To Connect with Echo Auto?
  3. What Skills or Tasks Can Alexa Perform During The Drive?
  4. Top Features of Echo Auto (You Must Know About Them)
  5. Does Echo Auto Works with Google Maps?

How Do You Install Alexa Auto In Your Car?

Well, to our surprise it’s quite simple!

  1. You have to place the vent clip over any of the vents you like and it fits in smooth, holding a perfect grip over them.
  2. Then you have a magnetic rack that holds on the device. You just have to simply place the Echo Auto over the magnetic rack and it’s done!
  3. Please note, you get a car power adapter with the box and it has two ports on it. That means you can charge echo auto and your smartphone together in your car.
  4. So, once you have placed the echo dot over the vent clip you just have to plug in one end of the USB wire to your echo auto and the other end to the car power adapter for charging. That’s it!

Please note: You also get an aux wire within the box to connect echo auto with your music system.


Do You Need A Wifi To Connect Echo Auto?

Nope! The echo dot works fine with mobile data. Any 3G/4G network will work. Although the preferred choice will be 4G internet.


What Skills or Tasks Can Echo Auto Perform During The Drive?

You just have to do first time setup with your phone and then each time you get in your car. Alexa will get automatically get connected to your phone. Once you have mobile data on and the Echo auto is connected to your mobile. You can ask almost anything but still, there are limitations! (let’s read further..)

  1. Just using voice command you can get the weather update in seconds.
  2. You can ask for the traffic report to your workplace. What about direction..?  (Read more, we have answered that query in detail regarding google maps and other navigational apps, etc.)
  3. You can ask Alexa to dial a number for you or you can ask her to dial a contact. (For contacts you need to sync your contacts through the Alexa app installed on your phone.)
  4. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite song from any of the music streaming apps. (You need to have an account over these music service providers like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Gaana, etc.)
  5. In case you don’t have access to any of the music streaming app you can also play music through the phone using Bluetooth or aux connection created on the Echo auto.
  6. You can lower or increase the volume, skip the song or any other such basic functionality is provided through Alexa.
  7. You can add events to your calendar while driving along with the date, time and name of the event.
  8. You can create a list and add or delete various items to your list. For example, if you have a grocery list, you can ask Alexa to add or delete items from the list. How does this help? well, let’s suppose you created a list a day before you went shopping. Now while you are driving you don’t have to go through your phone. Just ask Alexa! it will read it for you, modify the list while your hands are on the wheel.
  9. (THIS ONE IS UNIQUE) You can ask Alexa to read books to you. Yes! Alexa can actually read books for you while you are driving. The last one you read can be continued while you are driving (Please note: We are not recommending it at all, cause it may not be safe to put your attention on the book audio while you are driving the car)
  10. You can even control your smart home appliances/devices through Echo Auto. Just remember their names that you have added on the Alexa app and ask Alexa to switch on/off while you are driving or about to reach home.
  11. Once your smart devices are in sync you can do a lot of things while driving. For example…
    1. You can set up an alarm on your home smart device.
    2. You can ask Alexa to open the garage gate for you.
    3. You can switch on/off your air conditioner or heater before you reach home.
    4. If you have an automated main door locking system you can ask Alexa to check on that.
    5. You can create a checklist that Alexa can read it to you. This will help you make a routine check on various things before you leave home.
  12. (UPCOMING FEATURE) Soon you will be able to make gas payments by asking Alexa to do it for you. Of course, the money will be yours.. (LOL..) Initially, this feature will work for Alexa enabled vehicles only.

Top Features of Alexa Echo Auto

  1. The echo auto comes with 8 microphones to hear you over the music, AC noise, and road noise.
  2. It gives you the power of voice control to navigate things through your phone app. For example, playing music, reading out weather temperature, know the traffic conditions before leaving home, etc.
  3. Make calls, create a to-do list, read your daily news by just asking Alexa through voice command.
  4. It allows you to send messages to your contact.
  5. It offers Bluetooth connectivity to connect the Echo dot with your car. In case your car does not have Bluetooth connectivity you can make use of auxiliary cable/ aux wire to connect.
  6. Maintains privacy as it allows you to turn off the microphones by clicking the button over it.
Echo Auto – add Alexa to your car

Does Echo Auto Works with Google Maps?


Sounds confusing? well, it is! When you ask Alexa through echo auto about the directions to your home or office. It gives you notification on your mobile phone to view google maps or any other navigation app in sync. But it doesn’t guide you directions through audio. In order to get the direction, you need to look at the display installed in your car or your phone screen.

Does Echo Auto have Speakers of its Own?

No, it doesn’t. It plays through your car speakers. You can connect the Echo Auto through Bluetooth or aux wire that comes along with the box.

Discussing all the details above now its time to get back to our very first question of whether you really need Alexa Echo Auto in your car or not?

Our answer is BIG YES!

Looking at the numerous benefits it offers we think Echo Auto will be quite useful while driving.

And if you feel the same and plan to buy then do check out the latest price drops and best offers on it below.  

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